23 examples and one experiment to create quiz

Quizzes are tests and quizzes that you have often seen on websites and social networks. This type of entertainment content is widely used in business. Do not believe that frivolous at first glance content can raise serious sales? Then read this article and be inspired by examples of others. Why do we need quizzes?

[Discussion] The definition of CA VS No CA

The recent post of Lebedev about the concept of "target audience" has caused heated debates among marketers. The content of the post: “The biggest bullshit in the world is the concept of“ target audience. ”This is the dirtiest bungle, invented by marketers in order to make it easier to justify the costs to the boss. No target audience exists.

What they say about the quality of the evaluation text for the Glavred, Turgenev and Advego services

Score on Glavred, points in Turgenev, classical and academic nausea on Advego are questionable measures of quality. These and other popular verification services, if used wisely, help the authors not to get on. With their help it is easier for customers to sift out frank graphomania, no more. To understand why, let's look at how the indicators are considered, which are most often included in the terms of reference for the text.

How to make an e-book

Imagine you wrote a cool e-book. The audience will be delighted with this masterpiece, but there is one problem. Your insights are in a text document. Inserted graphics and images. Of course, you can send old subscribers who catch your every word, a text file asking you not to pay attention to the clumsy design.

5 ideas for creating visual content

E-Commerce professionals most often think of texts when they hear the term “content”. However, content marketing involves the use of various means of information transfer, not limited to articles and reviews. For example, visual content has already become one of the most effective tools for online business promotion.

5 ideas for working with visual content

The widespread use of visual content has become one of the trends in the development of content marketing in the past and this year. This is not surprising, since people perceive information through the visual channel most quickly. And brands are trying to exploit this feature of human nature, offering Internet users videos, photos, infographics and other types of media content.

Content vs design: what is more important?

The words that you use to implement content marketing strategy, as well as the messages sent through them, have the same value and importance as a good web page design. It is the texts that form the opinion of the audience about your company. Content shows potential customers that you understand their needs and can satisfy them.

How to prioritize the use of keywords

Creating a semantic core is one of the fundamental activities that ensure the success of Internet marketing campaigns. Using special tools, marketers compile a list of key phrases relevant to the company's field of activity. They then enter the data into a relevancy map, in which groups of keywords are distributed between the pages of the site.

Can a blog be a good source of income?

Each blogger monitors the results of the development of his blog, comparing it with other online magazines. Diary owners keep track of all sorts of metrics, pay attention to the slightest changes, and often think about how to increase revenues and stimulate sales if the blog is used for these purposes.

Guest posting has ceased to be legal? New recommendations from Google

Content marketers know Google’s webmaster guides, including the Link Exchange Schemes section. This helps them to promote projects without breaking the rules of the largest search engine in the world and avoiding sanctions for manipulating search results. Knowing Google's guides, content marketers use several “white” link building methods, the main ones of which are the creation of useful content that users naturally refer to, as well as guest posting or guest blogging.

How to protect the author's content on the web?

Today, the role of content in Internet marketing in general and in website promotion in particular is difficult to overestimate. Moreover, the role of content will undoubtedly increase further, and much faster than it seems to us. Fundamental developments are underway at the junction of linguistic analysis and mathematics, new ideas are quickly picked up.

16 myths about content marketing and their debunking

The popularity of content marketing in RuNet is growing. This discipline is gradually becoming mainstream. Former optimizers and copywriters are joining the ranks of content marketers, and content marketing is cluttered with myths. The latter interfere with the work of specialists and mislead their customers. In this article you will find a list of the main myths about content marketing and their refutation.

Content creation or marketing: what is more important?

If you often communicate with small children, you probably noticed one remarkable ability. Kids can drive an adult to a dead end with one question. For example, what would you say to an inquisitive three-year-old who wondered who would win the bear and shark fight? And why in the animated series "Tom and Jerry" the cat is chasing a little mouse, and our Cat Leopold, on the contrary, suffers from hooligans?

How long does content marketing start generating sales?

Implementing content marketing strategy takes time. The question is how much time? There are experts who have only recently decided to test content marketing ideas in practice, that is, they have barely started working on them. Their most common misconception is the expectation of quick results. For them, “implementing content marketing strategy”, speaking exaggeratedly, means: last night they wrote the first article in a blog - we are waiting for sales growth tomorrow morning.

Effective content marketing: 5 habits to help you stand out

Content marketing is gaining momentum at the moment, confirming the reputation of the most relevant and effective way to promote business on the Internet. Many experts in the West even call promotion with the help of content mainstream. Content marketing is also gaining popularity in Runet thanks to successful examples of project development using this approach.