[Discussion] Anglicisms VS Clean Language

Many have got "insights", "experiences" and other "levelapy". 4 of our employees shared their views on English words in speech and texts. Let's collect a lively experience on this topic. We invite in the comments. Among marketers, it has always been customary to use English words wherever one can say in Russian.

21 ways to make content more convincing: social proof guide

The main tasks of landings and presentations are company promotion; sale of their goods and services. In order to solve them, the content had to be convincing, and the means of persuasion were social evidence and tools of trust. What exactly - we will tell in this article. Social evidence The effect of the crowd and the position of "thousands of people can not be wrong" often replace a person's own assessment.

Your texts sell if you know how to catch COM: COM rule for selling texts

Perhaps you will say: "Again, these AIDA and 4U - all this tops we have already passed." Well done then, but not really ... First of all, how does it sound - “Aida for yo”, as if the nickname of fashionable instagram beauty blogger. Secondly, today about the other. COM is not a scheme, but rather a foundation. However, now you yourself will understand everything.

Expert articles from non-expert: how to show aerobatics

You must have come across a situation where people come to you with a project about which topic you do not know anything. Yes, and asked to make the material expert. It was? How many times have you taken an order to work and failed? In the article I will tell you how to competently build a process and hand over quality material. Based on real events: personal experience, proven methods and examples.

How to work with copywriters. Customer Guide

The scandal in the editorial - hellish time eater. The author yells that he is a genius and will write as he wants. The editor shouts that he is in charge here and knows better how it should be. The work is worth it. Money is dripping. Customers are leaving. Let's see how to prevent scandals and what to do if they have already begun. What does the customer do? In the “Cowshed” of Artemy Lebedev § 181.

Editorial policy: 59 questions to help you get the document right

If your site has content lame, then you are to blame, not the authors. It can not be such that all copywriters were illiterate idiots. Most likely, they simply do not understand what you want from them. It is possible to slightly improve the quality of texts, and at the same time clarify the relationship between authors and editors may be an interesting document called editorial policy.

How to remove from the text extra artistry

I will explain how, without being an editor, a business and blog owner can independently assess the relevance of the artistic techniques used in the articles. You will learn: how to present the reader in a convenient form with the information for which he started reading; how to find problems in tasty texts with sufficient meaning.

Mutant newspapers: corporate media for staff

Overview of the front pages of corporate newspapers - with pictures, ridicule and recommendations 1. In isolation from the market, Factory newspapers for staff stand apart in the communications industry. This niche is rather closed, because the corporate is turned inside a closed collective, which is doomed to be its loyal audience.

Chancery: good or evil?

I was prompted to write an article about the clerical office due to the undeserved contempt for bureaucratic language expressed by many authors. The reason for this attitude is the lack of understanding of the meaning and purpose of the clerk, its application where the office is inappropriate, or the inability to use it. Like any tool, the clerk requires certain skills and experience.

What punctuation marks to put at the end of a headline

There are five punctuation marks that appear at the end of headings: period, exclamation and question marks, ellipsis and a colon. We will understand which of them and when it is worth using. Dot Until the 1930s, the dot at the end of the title was considered the norm, now it’s a blunder. In the "Corrector Reference" L.

Why copywriters do not like Ilyahov

Hello! My name is Sergey Korol, I am an editor and commercial writer. I have been writing text for money since 2006. During this time, I managed to work with different companies: from small startups with Facebook instead of the site to Yandex and Russian Post. I have a blog of average popularity, sometimes they even call to speak at profile conferences.

Glavred Lentach Taras Sychev: about checking news, god-like picchers and editorial work

Every day we absorb tons of news from various sources. Behind every, even the smallest material, there is an entire team that will check the information and serve it. To learn more about this work, we talked with the chief editor of the popular Lentach community Taras Sychev. From the interview you will learn about the fight against fake and negative, the latest exposure of the publisher and the usual life of the editorial board.

Exchange gallery: is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Good day! My name is Tatiana, and in the past I worked on the copywriting exchanges. Do you want to know what awaits you, if you do not get out of it in time? It sounds like the beginning of the confession of a former alcoholic, is not it? If you are sure that you can and can sell with the help of texts and are now looking for a more or less stable source of income, you must have thought to dive into the stock exchanges.

Why find an author - a heartbreaking drama? Experience glavreda "Texterra"

My name is Konstantin Rudov. I am the chief editor of this blog, and I have a problem. We need new blood, but the search for suitable candidates is given with great difficulty. Now I will tell you what to face in the harsh reality. Stop. Maybe work with a team of regular authors and relax? If you want to make a cool blog that will constantly maintain the interest of readers, this will not work.

Where is the line between editing and taste? Confession chief editor

She is not. Each editor and customer creates his own chaos. But-oh ... you can identify internal criteria in order to evaluate all the content on the same principle. At least within one project. First, all the same about the chaos. How to understand that the article is good? Bonus - the terrible truth about your Central Asia Do not understand. Whatever may be said about the content aimed at Central Asia, each editor creates the product that is of interest to him personally.