Overview of 9 Russian-language event promotion apps

A major event is always a stress for the organizers. It is necessary to find and invite people who are interested in it, plan the organizational moments and print out dozens of documents. All these tasks successfully solve event applications. In the article, I divided them according to their functionality: application-gliders and checklists; member search services; chat rooms and networking.

The Yandex.Oblako service will soon become available to everyone.

In April 2018, Yandex.Oblako was launched in test mode, which ended on September 5. During this time, they managed to take advantage of more than 50 companies, including: Tinkoff Bank; X5 Retail Group; S7 TechLab; "Bitrix24"; SkyEng and others. The service allows you to use the computational power of Yandex for: streaming games or media content; store archive or backup documents and files; running back-office applications (Active Directory, Mail, etc.)

Overview of ways to transfer money from WebMoney to the card

WebMoney Transfer began to scold since the late nineties, when the system appeared in Russia and the CIS. For years, users have complained about the complexity and confusion, they say, go and figure it out with these "keeper", WMID and certificates (and God forbid to lose the file with the keys, then the real quest begins). Alex Exler, the author of computer textbooks and humorous books, eloquently described in his blog the experience of working with WebMoney: "In my eyes, this system was becoming more and more monstrous, more and more uncomfortable and more and more idiotic.

Digest of useful tools: Issue # 1 - Working with Twitter

If you at least occasionally read our blog, you probably noticed that we love to do reviews of tools that can be useful in the work of an internet marketer. Here are just a few of them: As a rule, these materials cause a good response from users. They get a lot of rassharivaniya and comments, so we concluded that this topic is interesting to you and decided to continue its development.

How to use MS Word to the fullest: full review of the program

The idea of ​​a full review of the functionality of MS Word appeared during a conversation with Eugene Kryukova, during which a strange situation emerged. We found out that we work with Word every day, but we hardly even use 10% of this program’s capabilities. Do you know this problem? Then the guide will fix the situation: it will help to use MS Word more effectively, to save time and effort with the help of little-known functions and tricks.

Work Better: A Review of 19 Tools for Productive Work

Чтобы добиться успеха в своей деятельности, очень важно быть продуктивным - так, за одно и то же время можно будет осилить намного больший объем работы, причем делать это максимально качественно. В данном обзоре представлено 19 сервисов, которые помогут вам стать более продуктивными. 1. Front Front - сервис для работы в команде, с помощью которого можно управлять несколькими мессенджерами и почтовыми ящиками одновременно.

Search, specify: search operators "Yandex" and Google

In the article you will find the operators of search engines Google and Yandex, which make the search process more convenient, and the results - more accurate. As a bonus, additional features of voice and regular Google search. Article outline: Google search operators. Yandex search operators. Google search operators. 1.

Slack: Messenger Review for Productive Collaboration

Slack Corporate Messenger launched in 2014, and it quickly became incredibly popular. As of 2015, the service uses more than a million people per day. Why Slack is Needed According to the developers, Slack was created to replace Skype and other instant messengers used by companies for communication between employees, as well as corporate email.

Free analogues of popular programs: we are looking for a replacement for Adobe, MS Office and the rest of the bourgeois

It is foolish to assume that free software can completely replace professional expensive products. But in most cases, 90% of the capabilities of these very professional products are simply not used. And we download them, because this is the first thing that comes to mind. As a result, free programs remain in the shadows, and among them there are real diamonds that cope with their tasks no worse than their competitors.

100+ free plugins for WordPress business sites

In this collection you will find plugins for WordPress business sites. They increase resource efficiency. Plug-ins in the list are grouped into thematic groups. All solutions in the list are free, unless otherwise indicated in the description. SEO plugins Here are the modules for technical search engine optimization site. one.

5 free tools to increase the effectiveness of SMM campaigns

Subscribers follow your public and groups in social networks, waiting for new high-quality articles and reviews. However, the monotonous announcements of new publications often go unnoticed in users' news feeds, losing the battle for the attention of cats and other visually appealing entities. Do not despair: 5 free tools, described below, will help you make publications more visible and interesting.

MozBar 3.0: what can an updated SEO plugin

Moz has released a new version of the popular SEO plugin. MozBar 3.0 is available for Chrome. In the coming weeks, a version for Firefox will appear. In this article you will find an overview of the features of MozBar 3.0. What is MozBar MozBar is a free browser extension that provides access to site analysis and link analysis tools.

Site builders: an overview of the 8 best services with a comparative table

Serious web projects are best created on reputable CMS or samopisnyh engines, sharpened for specific tasks. This is true, but in some situations this approach is too long, expensive and labor-intensive. With the same WordPress need to deal a few weeks. If you have the time and desire to learn the subtleties yourself or the means to pay for the services of a specialist is excellent.