Landing Page Design: 12 Important Rules with Real Examples

In our previous article on landing pages, we looked at 8 major factors that need to be considered when creating them. At this time, we decided to elaborate on the design of landing pages. Since the design of web pages is inextricably linked to content, we will also examine some points regarding the content of landing pages.

21 typical landing page problems

Internet projects use one or more landing pages to engage site visitors in the conversion scenario. Some brands create dozens of landings - it makes sense when you offer your customers a lot of dissimilar products. You can also use different landing pages to “land” visitors coming from different sources - from pages of organic search engines, contextual ads, advertising banners on thematic resources.

How to prove to the boss that the landing pages can really increase your profits?

Have you been studying landing pages for a long time and came to the conclusion that landing pages are the most effective converter for your business? Great, you're on the right track: this tool really has incredible power. But now you face a more difficult task - to convince your boss or client of this. And here, as a rule, problems arise ... You can shake the air as much as you like with beautiful words and swear by heaven and earth, but this is unlikely to convince them, because money is at stake (their money or company money).

What is popular on sites in 2018: 7 major trends in web design

In this article we will talk about VR technologies, games, interactive maps and other recent features used in web design. All this with examples gathered at sites and competitions for web designers, as well as in the portfolio of top studios and digital agencies. In general, read, watch, be inspired. Animation Animation sites could be found back in the 2000s.

Landing structure: the main blocks to increase the conversion of landing pages

Структура посадочных страниц напоминает конструктор. Есть типовые блоки, которые используют по необходимости, меняют местами, наполняют своим контентом. And also add to them new, if there is additional information, important for buyers. In the article, I tell you what blocks I use when I write texts for the landing pages.

How to optimize landing pages

Landing page optimization is an important component of marketing campaigns. For example, contextual advertising systems determine the position of a landing page in an ad unit and the cost of a click, assessing its quality and relevance. A "search engines" take into account the quality of the page and its compliance with the technical requirements, ranking the resources in the issue.

How to optimize landing pages in an adult

- Landing pages they rule. - Improve your landing pages with A / B tests. - Optimizing landing pages, watch the reaction of the audience. Right. Trite. Long and not very effective. The standard approach brings standard results, right? Only teapots still remain standard. And real marketing warriors optimize landing pages in an adult way: purposefully and with a minimum of unnecessary movements.

How to make a cool Landing: 13 nonbanal ideas

We have already made a selection of cool landing pages for inspiration. This article is a kind of its sequel. All landings in this selection are distinguished by unbanal design solutions and ways of presenting information. They cannot be called unique - every day designers of different caliber give out hundreds of new landings, and somewhere these solutions have already been met.

Landing pages: debunking some of the landing page myths

Landing - one of the main trends of the year. And, as happens with any trend, they will soon be replaced by a calm understanding of all its pros and cons. It is a mistake to believe that a landing page is a panacea in lead generation, in which today, if not an absolute majority, very many believe.

How to make a viral landing: 7 examples and a case

We have long been engaged in maintaining email-mailing - since May 2013, but still can not boast a huge subscriber base. This can be attributed to three reasons: We have never engaged in actively attracting subscribers (pop-ups, landings, context, public relations - nothing happened). We never bought ready-made databases with addresses (even our own base of leads was never used).

How to make a good landing even better?

Remember, there is no perfect recipe for creating a landing page! However, there are universal techniques that, after adaptation to your business, can be successfully used to increase the number of applications left. Internet marketers around the world have spent tens of thousands of hours and implemented many practical optimizations to bring out five basic principles of guaranteed increase in conversion.

"Deadly" landing pages: three examples of effective landing pages

You must have come up with the creation and optimization of landing pages, while promoting online projects. The development of high-quality landing refers to the critical components of marketing campaigns. This material will acquaint you with three examples of steep landing pages, and also show you the components of their success.