The law on fake news: what not to write in RuNet

Runet users will be punished not only for extremist, but also for fake content. On March 7, draft law No. 606593-7 (On Amendments to Article 15-3 of the Federal Law “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”) was adopted by the State Duma in the third and final reading and sent to the Federation Council.

9 errors that inhibit the promotion of the channel in Yandex.DZen

You have opened this article, so most likely you have a channel in Yandex.DZen. And, probably, today it still does not collect hundreds of thousands of visitors per day, it does not bring you a good income and subscribers. Know that you are not alone in your problem. Looking at a few dozen channels of beginning authors, I found 9 errors that prevent them from being among the lucky ones we wrote about recently.

99 ways to inspire confidence in the site

В глазах пользователей ваш сайт должен выглядеть благонадежным. Нельзя сказать, что все люди скрупулезно выискивают подтверждения честности сайта, но они есть, и вы можете терять клиентов из-за того, что сайт не вызывает у них доверия. Who is especially important to follow the signs of reliability of the site For those who take money from visitors.

Social network for the elite: why does “Yandex” “Aura” really?

Only the lazy one has not yet mentioned the recent news from Yandex, the birth of a new social network. Today we are joining the universal flash mob. Let's see how Yandex managed to drive a million audience with its Aura in a couple of days. "Aura" - the daughter of machine learning The innovative social network that aroused the entire Internet has become - "Yandex.

Cheap, angry, but slow: VKontakte presented ads in stories

Since February 12, a new ad format - “Advertising in stories” has been available in the VC advertising office. Payment for advertising is calculated on the model of CPM, that is, for a thousand impressions. How to create an ad Select the format "Ads in stories": Select the community on behalf of which you run the ad. After that, the history constructor will automatically load.

Mail.Ru has created a competitor "Yandex.Den" - "Pulse"

Recently, on the main Mail.Ru page, you can notice a new section - "Pulse". It is not hidden in tabs, like other search engine projects (“Kino”, “Lady”, “Sport”, etc.), but occupies the entire bottom of the screen. It can be assumed that Mail.Ru has high hopes for it. "Pulse" does "Yandex.

"Yandex" took up sites with incorrect security certificates. While only warns

Now, an incorrect certificate is dangerous for the site and may derail all your work. Yandex carefully sends notifications about problems with an SSL certificate in Yandex.Webmaster service. It looks like this: How important is a security certificate? In short, it is very important. An SSL certificate is a digital signature that creates an encrypted connection.

What awaits brands and ordinary users

Riddle: "In the West, cancel, we want to enter." The correct answer is not sanctions, but the principle of net neutrality, around which there was a lot of noise last year. Just the facts: On August 1, a meeting of the Digital Economy Development Council was held. Based on its results, it was decided to send a proposal to the government to legislate in Russia the principle of network equality.

Telegram 2019 audience: study results 82,000 profiles

The project team TGStat (Telegram Analytics) has published the results of a fresh study of the Telegram audience in Russia: The poll was posted on 850+ channels. For 2 weeks, 82 thousand questionnaires were collected. Posts calling for participation received 2.5 million impressions. Previously, a similar study was conducted only in 2017, before the blocking of the messenger in the Russian Federation.

Google Advertising’s Conversion Planner helps you stay cool

- Well, how's your ad on Google? - Oh, everything is bad. Contextologist caught Krivorukov, loot let down, and zero exhaust. With the advent of new chips from Google Ads such situations should not be. Since May 14, the Performance Planner tool is available in the service functionality. It is especially useful to those who lead several advertising campaigns.

How to type from 7 000 readings per week in Yandex.Dzen

He is praised or abused, but not indifferent. Oh, great Yandex.DZen, how many talents have you ruined? How many intelligent writers made you doubt your syllable and abilities? How many nuggets did not show the world ?! But I also went to Zen in order to realize myself, but it turned out ... to make money! And, you know, I realized that the platform should be treated as a naughty girl, who at any time can wag her tail and go to her best friend.

New word in advertising from Gillette

“New Gillette advertising blew up the Internet!”, “Gillette advertising brought viewers to tears!” - The media do not skimp on the emotional headlines, highlighting the brand's new promotional video. In it, the father shows his teenage son how to shave. Surprise awaits the viewer at the very beginning. The hero of the video tells about himself, and it turns out that he is a transgender.

Google deprives Western journalists of income

According to a study by the News Media Alliance (a commercial association that brings together more than 2,000 newspapers and magazines), Google earns almost as much news from the news as all print media together. And this casts doubt on the future of traditional journalism. At the very least, David Cavern, President of the News Media Alliance, thinks so.