Case: how we helped the Chinese sell vacuum cleaners on AliExpress

Client: Puppyoo is the No. 1 vacuum cleaner manufacturer in China. Service: promotion in social networks, video marketing. Website: Shop on AliExpress. Target audience: the largest and most promising segment of Central Asia - housewives from 20 to 45 years. Our task was to bring the brand to the Russian market, increase its visibility and bring the targeted traffic to the seller’s page on AliExpress.

"YouTube drowns novice bloggers": why content makers are unhappy with the new rules

On February 21, 2018, the new rules for the YouTube affiliate program came into force. Now, to participate in the program, the channel must have more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months. This is the second tightening of the rules for the year. The first was in April 2017 - then, in order to participate in the affiliate program, it was necessary to collect 10,000 views over the entire existence of the channel.

Top 20 most important events in the field of video marketing in 2012

YouTube remains the most popular video hosting in the world. Not surprisingly, the most important video marketing events in 2012 were associated with this service. Consider the top 20 major events in the field of video marketing in 2012 in reverse chronological order. 12/07/2012: YouTube introduced a new design Redesign of the YouTube site will help users quickly find the necessary channels and subscribe to them.

YouTube video advertising: where to start?

Video is a huge part of our daily life. Remember when your day passed without watching the video - on TV or on the Internet? We are so accustomed to watching moving objects on the monitor that it has become the norm for us: starting with the huge monitors on the streets of the city and ending with the small ones in the head restraints of the aircraft seats.

Case: video about Koskovo village, after which I want to urgently buy a summer cottage

On August 24, we were given the task to create a video for the presentation of the Koskovo cottage village under construction in Moscow. The video was planned to be used for the site, the channel on YouTube and advertising in pre-rolls. In the video it was necessary not only to give the main technical information, but also to make the viewer fall in love with the beauty of the surrounding nature and the friendliness of the locals.

Normcore marketing or why it's time to do a boring ad!

January 6, 2016. England. Over the course of several hours, more than 500,000 people watch as a Newcastle resident translates into Periscope ... a puddle. Puddle and those people who are trying to jump it. As a result, 20,000 people are simultaneously online and over 100,000 tweets in 48 hours. About the puddle! April 29, 2016.

How to use YouTube correctly: 7 lessons for marketers

Search engines are constantly evolving, trying to meet the needs of users with the help of more advanced technologies. For example, the newest Hummingbird algorithm, launched by Google about a month ago and presented at the end of September, was developed under the influence of voice search users who do not want to use fancy requests like "winter tires SPb".

[FAQ] How to get and not lose a tick on YouTube

Ticks (officially - badges of authenticity) are in many popular YouTube. They are displayed next to the channel names: in the search, under the player, on the page of the posts. Why do I need a tick? The badge of authenticity does not give any privileges. Channels with a tick do not receive advantages when ranking, falling into recommendations or trends.

Overview of 9 Russian-language webinar sites

Compare services with which you can organize webinars and video conferencing. For convenience, all services are presented in the table. Comparative criteria: Price per month - the cost of using the extended functionality of the service for the month Trial period - the duration of the free use of the service.

How to get your audience to search for your branded video

Business projects are increasingly replacing long marketing texts with short branded videos. They listen to researchers at YouTube, Ooyala, Wistia, and other companies who say that in 10 years, 90% of traffic can be generated using video marketing. However, business should take into account that the audience has long been fed up with intrusive commercials that are broadcast day and night on all television channels.

How to improve the position of videos on YouTube: 5 advanced tactics

The demand for video content is growing along with an increase in the bandwidth of Internet channels and an increase in the technical capabilities of computers and mobile devices. Because of this, marketers are actively using YouTube, which is considered the best video hosting site for publishing commercial content. They publish videos on this resource, counting on the attention of the audience and transitions to the brand's website.

Image creation case for AkzoNobel

Everyone knows Texterro as a company that can write expert texts, but few know that we can create high-quality videos. In this article I will tell how we do it on the example of one of our latest works. About the company: AkzoNobel is the world's largest manufacturer of paints and coatings, with more than 600 offices worldwide.

What video hosting to choose for the publication of marketing content

Most content marketers understand the importance of video marketing in promoting projects. However, many experts are limited to publishing videos on YouTube, because they do not know other channels of distribution of this type of content. YouTube has many advantages. It belongs to the largest search engine Google, which is one of the main advantages of this video hosting.

11 social triggers that are important to know when creating video content

Everyone, to one degree or another, has an idea of ​​the triggers used in modern internet marketing in various forms of content. This is a kind of "triggers" that trigger the algorithm of activity of the audience embedded in them. You expect certain actions from the representative of Central Asia after getting acquainted with your content, and so that he is more likely to perform these actions, try to “catch” his attention with details that “activate” the user, encourage him to act.