Content Audit Step-by-Step Guide

Как быть, когда клиент жалуется, что какие-то люди ходят на сайт, но никто ничего не заказывает и даже не подписывается на рассылку, постоянной аудитории нет, да и посещаемость низкая? В таких случаях медики говорят, что необходимо поставить диагноз и назначить лечение. Это можно сделать, выполнив контент-аудит ресурса.

Sunrise "Andromeda": what to expect from the updated search "Yandex"

Yandex continues to train artificial intelligence. Yesterday, the company presented another search algorithm "Andromeda", which replaced "Korolev" (it seems that in Yandex it was seriously carried away with the space theme). Like its predecessor, the updated search engine processes the semantic vectors of web pages, comparing them with the query vector and taking into account previous search queries.

"Yandex" launched a rating, which hit 10,000 of the most popular Internet projects

On November 12, 2018, Yandex launched the Radar service - a rating of 10,000 Internet projects popular in Russia. It includes 13 types of projects: Aggregators Video Online shops Content projects News Online games Porn, erotic Portal Representation of businesses and organizations Services Communities Social networks Betting They were selected from 27 topics: Auto and Moto Business Household Pets style Culture and art Medicine Science Real Estate Unknown News and media Education Industry and agriculture Travel Job and career Entertainment and leisure Religion Family and children Sports and active lifestyle Life Span Reference Resources Construction and repair Technology Trade Transport, transport services Finances Adult (18+) How does "Yandex.

6 tips on using Google Analytics for advanced users

Most marketers use Google Analytics. However, few experts use all the features of this tool. Moreover, many optimizers log into your account for a tick. They do not understand what data they need and why. In this article you will find tips that will enhance your capabilities when using Google Analytics.

Technology Eye Tracking, or What will not give you web analytics services

Where to have the most important content for the user? What should the banner look like to attract the attention of visitors? Neither Google Analytics nor Yandex.Metrica will be able to give an exact answer to these questions. Both services allow you to track users' behavior on the page (mouse cursor movements and many other indicators), but this is not enough to determine what they were hooked on this page, what they kept their eyes on, and what made them leave.

How the phase of the moon affects sales [research]

Frankly, I doubted for a very long time whether to write this article, because it is very different from what we are all used to reading on the topic of Internet marketing and, most likely, will cause a lot of skepticism. This is not a guide, no case, no discussion of the latest SEO trends. This is a small study (supported by statistics) on how the phase of the moon affects the number of leads from our site (and does it even affect you at all?

How to track the number and sources of leads: a step-by-step instruction with screenshots

Web analytics is the foundation of a successful online business. We constantly talk about it in our articles and even recently created an infographic on this topic. In today's article we will tell and clearly show you how to track statistics on the leads. After reading it, you will be able to independently install all the necessary codes and identifiers (without contacting the SEO agency) and start tracking the most effective channels to attract customers.

How to analyze the achievement of goals in Google Analytics with the wrong settings

One of the important points that Internet marketers track is the question: "How many applications does organic search, contextual advertising, social networks, other channels of attracting traffic to the site bring?". For this purpose, the attendance counters set up goals. With properly configured goals, you can get, for example, a visual report in Google Analytics: This is the "Target Map".

What questions can Google Analytics answer?

Google Analytics is a handy web analytics tool that allows you to monitor dozens of metrics and generate informative reports. However, not all marketers know how to use it correctly. For some novice experts, Analytics turns into a statistical data logging service overloaded with redundant functionality.

How to measure link building ROI

Internet marketers face difficulties when it is necessary to calculate and justify the return on investment (ROI) in link building. Businessmen want to know what result this or that external link brought them. Well, if the link increases the target traffic with a high conversion rate. It is more difficult to explain to the customer that external links are also needed to increase the search authority of his site.

How to use custom analytics segments, reports and summaries

Standard Google Analytics reports do not always allow you to quickly analyze the current metrics of site performance. In this article, you will learn how to make the analytics system more accurate using custom reports, segments and summaries. 1. Custom segments This Google Analytics feature allows you to isolate and analyze specific traffic segments.

How to get the most out of Google Analytics: 13 tips

Do you consider yourself a normal person? Then you want to work less and get more, right? Start with web analytics: learn how to quickly get the right data that you can use to improve your site’s performance. In this article you will find 13 tips to help you get the most out of Google Analytics.

What are the metrics of the effectiveness of content marketing used by 10 leading experts burzhunet

Content marketing is one of the most effective project promotion strategies. However, promotion with the help of content is a long-term approach, the results of which do not appear immediately, as we wrote in the article about rapid promotion. At the same time, business owners and top managers of large corporations want to constantly monitor the effectiveness of marketing investments.

How to reduce bounce rate: 9 real ways

Failure rate refers to key behavioral metrics. A large number of failures is a negative signal for search engines. Yandex and Google believe that there is no point in giving traffic to resources that users leave immediately after landing. In this article, you will learn how to reduce the bounce rate.

Content analysis. Part 2. Data processing

If you read our previous article, Content Analysis. Part 1. Collecting metrics using the Seo Tools plugin, then you already have a ready-made table with links to your content and all the necessary metrics. And this means that you just need to process them, visualize and draw the appropriate conclusions. This will do today.